Home Owners

“plan + design solved my design dilemmas with ease. Lori has the ability to discern the best possible outcome for those thorny design problems that pop up in every project. Her understanding of construction issues, as well as her excellent interaction with the trades people, brought depth to the work that normally does not occur. She also has the uncanny ability to make you feel as if you were her only client and that her entire focus is on you and your project.” Ms. Oliver


“Working with Lori was an impressive experience. She was able to help us take a variety of ideas from those we had in our minds, put through a sieve and make complete sense of them by coming up with an informal, elegant design that we love. She is an ultimate professional with a lot of passion and courage to take up challenging jobs and satisfy everyone. It is definitely a pleasure to work with her.” Mr. Katekaneni


“We surely appreciate you helping us out with our new house. Your selections and suggestions were invaluable in helping us complete this project. We think the finished product looks great! I especially appreciate your organization and structural approach to the work. We used and continue to use the specifications work sheets you prepared for us! It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to the next project.” Mr. & Ms. White



Developers . Builders . Designers . Associates

“Lori is a highly competent designer, organizer and expediter, who is energetic and positive in demeanor. I would trust her with the highest level of tasks. She is a proven leader and would be a king pin for any firm fortunate enough to engage her.” Lew Oliver, Principal at Lew Oliver, Inc. and Whole Town Solutions

“Lori has great attention to detail and never lets anything slip through the cracks. As a Senior Project Manager, she is qualified to take on almost any project.” Doug Sharp, International Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Lori works hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Lori is a personable individual with a strong work ethic, extensive expertise in Interior Design, and a tremendous skill set…..…I highly recommend her.”  Pam Sessions, President, Hedgewood Properties

“I can’t tell you how much of an impact you have had on Hedgewood. You have developed a Design Studio, organized it, set it up, and established processes that are helping not only our customers, but also our internal staff. I just wanted to give you a token of appreciation for going above and beyond the call of duty.”  Al Causey, Director of Operations & Architecture, Hedgewood Properties


“In 2006 we engaged Lori for the design of several residential communities. Lori’s creativity, organization and commitment to excellence are unparalleled. Lori developed a beautiful, award winning model home for us as well as many custom designed and contract homes. Her designs brought notable attention to our homes with her innovative, modern and beautifully coordinated interiors. Lori was instrumental in the development of our standard and upgraded features program and worked seamlessly with vendors to establish our product and pricing standards. She thoughtfully recommended changes to improve our home designs…Lori’s architectural vision, attention to detail, and customer interaction directly impacted the success of our communities and our home buyers’ satisfaction. We are so pleased with the quality of the design services we have received and appreciate Lori’s professionalism and unique skill set. Lori has been a joy to work with and a valuable asset to our team.” Mike Sanders, President, Fidelis Signature Homes


“I experienced the exceptional talent of Lori’s design work first hand while visiting several successful communities in the surrounding area. When we decided to create a new development in Johns Creek I wanted that same experience for our product and requested Lori’s services. As it turned out, her ability to exceed my design expectations was only the beginning of what Lori would provide for us. Lori brought with her a total business solution….there was no guesswork in building a beautiful quality home….As a great Designer with a project manager’s mind, Lori can be counted on to deliver a much more comprehensive, coordinated, attractive product, when we need it, at a great value, keeping us on track along the way. Lori has been TERRIFIC to work with and has become an invaluable member of our team.”  Chad Kee, Vice President, Amburgy Properties


“Lori brought many progressive ideas to our company, and hired some top notch designers as part of her team. Our home owners’ needs were better served with many of the improvements she made to our operations. If you are looking for a Designer with impeccable taste, or some one to manage your design operations, you will be well served with Lori.” Pedro Paulette, Hedgewood Properties


“Lori’s sophisticated and analytical approach to design bring great success. Her passion is unmistakable in her tastes and presentation. She brings creative shape to both single focus and multi tiered projects. Her knowledge of product and product application is remarkable. She brings more than just surface design, she brings insight!” JR McDowell, Builder, Hedgewood Properties and JR McDowell Homes


“Lori managed a group of interior designers for a major U.S. Government headquarters building in Atlanta. Knowledgeable in her discipline, poised in meetings, prepared with her subject matter and timely was she. I would definitely want to work with her on other projects.” David Clark, CDC / Centers for Disease Control & Prevention